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R290 Chillers by Coolrite

R290 Chillers by Coolrite

Coolrite have recently installed an eco-friendly green refrigeration system using an R290 Chiller to cool a warehouse chill room. This type of system eliminates the need to use environmentally harmful HFC refrigerants.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are a future-proof alternative to HCF refrigerants. R290 (propane) is a Low-GWP hydrocarbon refrigerant. It is highly efficient, inexpensive and non-toxic. Hydrocarbon refrigerants such as R290 are a viable option to replace HFC refrigerants which are being gradually phased out in the EU. Hydrocarbons are Eco-friendly, R290 has a GWP (global warming potential) of just 3. This low GWP is tiny compared to the common HCF refrigerant R404a which has a GWP of 3,922.

In applications which require a relatively small cooling capacity, R290 can be used in a sealed system which uses a small charge of refrigerant located within the occupied space of a building. Where larger cooling capacity and thus larger refrigerant charges are required, the refrigerant containing plant can be located outside the building in the open air. This recently competed larger type of R290 installation is shown in the photos above and below this article. The system is composed of an R290 chiller, associated pumping station and air coolers. The chiller and pumping station are located outside the building. The air cooler is located inside the refrigerated space. The refrigerated space is cooled by pumping a chilled propylene glycol solution through the air cooler. This propylene glycol solution is chilled by the R290 chiller outside. Highly efficient VSD pumps are used to pump the glycol through the system at a low running cost. The chiller is fitted with sensitive leak detection and ATEX rated electrical components. In the event of a leak, all electrical components are de-energized except the fans which continue to run in order to dissipate the leaked refrigerant. The leak detection alarm also triggers audible and visual alarms on site to notify the staff of the leak.

If you are interested in a similar future-proof, environmentally friendly refrigeration system for any application, contact Coolrite on +353 42 966 5460