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Cold rooms have a large variety of applications so at Coolrite we design a tailored solution for every project. Coolrite have experience in cold room projects ranging from small chill rooms to large scale chilled production facilities. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote. 

Available modular room types:

  • Chill or Freezer grade

Bespoke rooms of any size or shape available.

Floor options:

  • No floor
  • Insulated floor options
    • standard panel
    • reinforced panel
    • concrete screed with heater mat.

Door options:

  • any size
  • hinged or sliding.

Panel thickness:

  • standard thicknesses are 80mm, 100mm & 120mm
  • other options are available upon request.

Other features:

  • External finish – galvanized steel with a white, food safe PVC coating
  • Corrosion resistant locks and receivers which tie the panels together securely.

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