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Millers Glen, Another Centra Using Exclusively Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Millers Glen, Another Centra Using Exclusively Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Using exclusively hydrocarbon refrigerants in a supermarket or convenience store requires utilization of several different systems to cater for open chilled displays, chilled displays with glass doors, chill rooms & freezer rooms. Each application presents a different challenge but there are hydrocarbon solutions available in each case.

Centra Millers Glen which recently opened in Swords Co. Dublin is yet another Centra to use exclusively hydrocarbon refrigerants rather than conventional hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants. HFC refrigerants are being gradually phased out within the EU as they are damaging to the environment thus green alternatives such as hydrocarbons are the refrigerants of the future for commercial refrigeration installations.

Centra Millers Glen features a “Hybrid flow system” on the multidecks with glass doors from JBG. These plug-in hydrocarbon cabinets include a plate heat exchanger that uses water to transfer heat from the cabinet to a dry cooler located in the open air outside. To achieve maximum efficiency, the water in the flow system is pumped through the plate heat exchanger only when it is necessary to avoid a high ambient temperature in the store. During winter, the heat rejected from the cabinet is used for free heating inside the store. The retailer gets the advantages of free heating during the winter without the disadvantage of a warm shop when the heat is not required during Summer months. The JBG RDGA-L4z multideck used in the project also features a maintenance free non-lamellar condenser which does not collect dust like conventional plug-in fridges!

The open cabinets and chill rooms in this store use a remote glycol system. This works similarly to conventional remote refrigeration but uses a sub-zero glycol solution in the cooling coil rather than a refrigerant gas. The glycol is efficiently cooled by an R290 chiller which is located outside in the open air

The freezer room is refrigerated with an R290 monoblock refrigeration unit. The heat rejected from the monoblock can also be rejected outside via the “flow system” to prevent the store-room from getting too warm during summer months.

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