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JBG Zero Defrost

JBG Zero Defrost

JBG Zero Defrost multidecks listed on Triple E and ACA product registers:

Here at Coolrite we are proud to announce that the JBG Zero Defrost RDG multidecks are now listed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on their triple E register. The Triple E Product Register is a public database maintained by the SEAI containing a list of products which comply with the SEAI energy efficiency criteria. The register was established to assist Irish businesses, the public sector and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint through investing in energy efficient equipment.

Listing on the triple E register makes these cabinets eligible for accelerated capital allowances (ACA). The ACA is a tax incentive for companies paying corporation tax and aims to encourage investment in energy efficient equipment. The ACA offers an attractive incentive whereby it allows companies to write off 100% of the purchase value of qualifying energy efficient equipment against their profit in the year of purchase. This tax benefit coupled with substantial energy savings makes the JBG zero defrost system an attractive proposition for any retailer who displays chilled products.

The JBG “ZERO DEFROST” system works on a simple principle. Conventional multi decks operate using refrigerant with an evaporating temperature of -8°C and due to this low temperature the evaporators require an intermittent defrost cycle to prevent the build up of ice. The JBG zero defrost system optimizes air flows within the multi deck which makes it possible to use refrigerant gas which evaporates at -3°C while still achieving the same cooling performance thus eliminating the need for a defrost cycle on the evaporators in the multi deck.

Operating the cabinets with refrigerant evaporating at -3°C coupled with the use of glass doors delivers proven and documented substantial energy savings. These energy savings have made the JBG zero defrost system a popular choice in supermarkets and convenience store across Ireland over the last year.