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JBG Innovations at EuroShop 2017

JBG Innovations at EuroShop 2017

The JBG stand at Euroshop 2017 has been a huge success.

Coolrite were manning the JBG stand for 4 days to meet customers and potential customers from Ireland.  Several new products and new options for existing products were launched at the stand.

The biggest innovation launched at the show by JBG is the new “FLOW” system for both the plugin and the remote range. For plugin equipment the “FLOW” system addresses the problems associated with having too many plug-in devices which can cause a concentration of heat inside a shop. The “FLOW” System transfers the heat produced by the equipment out of the building without the need for large amounts of refrigerant gasses.

The “FLOW” system is used with remote cabinets in a similar way by adding water heat exchangers to the top of the cabinet. This solution has many advantages. It simplifies modification of the equipment arrangement in the store and lowers the usage of refrigerant making the system more ecological. It also creates possibilities for easy usage of redundant heat and consequently saves energy.

Another innovation which proved hugely popular at the stand was the new push glass system for the LDL-37 serveover counter which allows the counter to be quickly changed from full service to self service. This eliminates the underutilized space in the serveover during quiet times when there are no staff working at the counter.

One of the main themes across the JBG product range at the stand was maximum visibility. JBG utilize a new anti fog heating system on glass panels which is completely transparent and thus doesn’t impact upon product visibility in any way whilst preventing any fogging of the glass.

The gradual phase out of many refrigerant gases is presenting a challenge for the refrigeration industry. JBG are at the forefront in the usage of alternatives to traditional refrigerants. This commitment to innovation has resulted in widespread use of natural refrigerants across the plugin range and now also the new “FLOW System” which minimizes the the requirement for refrigerant.