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Centra Drimnagh

Project Details

In 2015, Coolrite, installed the JBG ‘Zero Defrost’ multidecks at a state of the art new build Centra Convenience Store on Drimnagh Road, Dublin 12. The proprietors Oliver Coughlan and his sons Ian, Mark and Darren have over thirty years’ experience in retail and the Drimnagh Road store is their fourth Centra. The store is approximately 370 m² in size with 355 m² of retail space. In addition to a number of plug-in refrigerating and freezing units, the remote installation comprises the following:

JBG Multidecks from the ‘Gerlach’ range with ‘No Defrost’ technology featuring double glazed hinged doors, LED lighting in canopy and door mullions, EC fans & an RDM Data Manager Monitoring System.

There is a total of 16.875m of ‘No Defrost’ multidecks.

The 14KW housed compressor pack features one ZB30 Copeland scroll and one ZBD30 Copeland digital scroll delivering a smooth cooling curve. The built in condenser and mini pack with variable speed fans delivers substantial energy savings as compared with individual condensing units. 

Key Points

Running costs:

As this is a new build, there is no direct ‘before and after’ comparison, however, the Coughlans have other stores of a similar size with similar refrigeration runs. The Drimnagh Road store has a monthly electricity bill of approximately half that of a similar store with conventional refrigeration .


Temperatures in all the cases are checked twice daily and there is never any fluctuation. Indeed, the removal of the defrost cycle has had a beneficial effect on spoilage rates which are now reduced to virtually zero. In the cooked meat section, ‘blown packs’, discolouration of product and wastage are now a thing of the past. 


The installation was carried out in August 2015 and to date there has not been a single service call out to the equipment. 

Build Quality:

The cabinets are robust as are the shelves, doors and hinges, which are coping very well with the working environment. 

Total Cost of Ownership:

The low running costs, absence of downtime and service calls, coupled with the elimination of spoilage are contributing to a very favorable total cost of ownership.